Not just a pretty website!

C4Wise Design has been branding, creating and developing on Wordpress since 2015. We don't just make you look great on all desktop and mobile devices. We have created over 50 websites since 2002 and during that time we have gone from basic static html websites, to building our own CMS in early 2010 and in December of 2014 we moved from our CMS websites to full on Wordpress Development and Design.

Our clients range from event oriented websites to environment and small to corporate frameworks. We not only build our frameworks but we also can program full on custom plugins and APPS when requested. We have built a full ticketing system for the meadowlark nature festival, event galleries and profiles for Fest Of Ale to custom bookings for the Penticton Pickleball Club.

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How much does a website cost?

This type of question is the top of its FAQs. We can build simple basic Wordpress websites for as low as $750.00 and they can go up from there, depending on customization and programming.


Okay! Building websites on Wordpress can be FREE on many hosting platforms such as GoDaddy, Wix or Square Space. But FREE is a little misleading, as they give you a website that looks and feels like a cow in a herd of thousands. Not only do you not look unique, your website has the basic functions and will eventually cost you in the end to build exactly what you were hoping for.


We start from the ground and work up based on budget and branding strategy and/or marketing needs. We implement Basic SEO, to ensure your website is secure against hackers and e-commerce hijacking of information. We also use a professional frontend theme for basic websites. Note, we can build our own custom themes, but these type of websites can start at 10k and up.

In a basic package we register you with major search engines, monitor your site from hackers and statistical tracking using Google analytics. Our basic service package includes plugin updates monthly and three hours of service per year. Not only do we provide great service 24/7, but we are there to help you build great content and a product that is unique, creative and cost efficient.


We Care How You Look!

After Care

So, you have a website now or thinking of buying one and wondering what happens after it is developed. This is an important part of a continued successful website. First, you might of paid a great amount of money for the creation of a website and you want to be sure your developer has your best interests in mind and are devoted to keep your website well oiled. So, ask yourself is your developer making sure your website is getting great conversions with search engines? Does your website have a good security program to ensure safety of information and the injection of nasty malware? Are your developers easy to contact in case there are nasty 404 or 500 server errors? Can you get support 24/7? Is your developer making sure your website is always looking great and there to help you for your best interest?

These are some of the most common questions in website after care. C4Wise is devoted to our craft and eager to support you in anyway to help your business or organization grow and flourish in this highly competitive market of website development. If you are dissatisfied with your current developer or simply need advise or help with the maintenance of your website, we are here to help you.

Our website was a challenge and C4Wise came through on a solution building an amazing booking system.Penticton Pickleball Club

Other Web Services We LOVE To Design!

We have the tools to make your website look awesome, build in some fun with animations or a video. The sum of all moving parts is something we are constantly dreaming up for clients like you. It starts with great insight into where design is going and how we can endure into the future of web development. We create awesome APPS, Animations and Custom Plugins!


Need an application developed for your company? Need events to be tracked? Or simply do you need an APP to function in other websites or do you need help in developing a creative APP for your business. Give us a call or contact us and we'd discuss your vision or needs.

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Web Animations

With a background in animation it was a great day when the City of Penticton asked for this small minute and a half video for The Utility Rate Review last year. It was created in 3 days with a very small budget.

C4Wise also created the 2015 Penticton Art Awards video production using such tools as Affect Effects. Short videos can really boost your readership on your website.

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Custom Plugins

Developing customization for WordPress is our specialty. We have certified Wordpress programmers developing for Envato Market and have created countless plugin for booking, calendars and woocommerce meta data. We provide awesome hooks and expertise in most programming languages. If you can dream of it - we can create it!

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