We are a design and web development communications company that focuses on visual communication. We are based out of Penticton, BC. Our 25+ years of experience has taught us that great communication starts with creating attention to a brand, building beautiful content and a commitment to conversions. We ensure an affordable solution for your branding and online presence. Essentially we are a visual marketeer!

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C4Wise Design main focus when it comes to branding, is creating a LOOK for small to corporate businesses that you can be proud of. We will communicate from the start of a branding campaign to bring your vision to fruition. Your brand is how people will connect to you and others, so putting your hard earned dollars into a poorly brand could be the start of a short lived business. Your style and personality should be incorporated into how you want others to see you. We CARE how you LOOK!

Web Development

We have been developing on WordPress since 2013. Our customers are thrilled with the ease of changing content. We are committed to CUSTOM design and function when it comes to building you a website. It starts with great design, performance and security. The combination of these three keys to a healthy website is entwined in our core beliefs. Get a starter website with intuitive navigation, responsive interface and preforming on all mobile and desktop platforms. Top it off with analytics for great SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and an EASY interface to edit your content. It's like ordering from a restaurant - you choose your courses and toppings!
I have worked with C4wise on the festofale website and are fabulous to deal with and the Word Press theme that has been recommended is user friendly.Fest Of Ale

Other Services We LOVE To Create!

Whether you need a corporate annual report or a promotional animated video for YouTube, we start from the brand and work our way out. It's like an Oreo cookie - we never eat the whole cookie - we eat the inside first and work our way out. Tell me you don't eat the white first?

Graphic Design

Anything you can imagine can be designed for paper or how about your design on a wall or office floor. Working with vector design has never made it easier to get your brand out there for all to see.

  • Annual Reports
  • Magazine Ads
  • Pull Ups
  • Website Assets
  • Website UI
  • Posters
  • Business Cards
  • Newspaper Ads
  • Newspaper Brochures
  • Flyers

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Animation Videos

With a background in animation it was a great day when the City of Penticton asked for this small minute and a half video for The Utility Rate Review last year. It was created in 3 days with a very small budget.

C4Wise also created the 2015 Penticton Art Awards video production using such tools as Affect Effects. Short videos can really boost your readership on your website.

Call or send us a quote enquiry and we can get your business spotlighted on YouTube and within your social media platforms.

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Infographic Design

One of our favourite topics in the new era of design is creating beautiful infographic storyboards and display banners to illustrate your marketing campaigns.

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